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The Grounded Edge

1 Oct

Sightseeing never really appealed as a kid, did it?  What are we going to do when we get to the sight?  Just see?  Let’s do.  If you have good childhood memories than more than likely at some point you concluded – my parents pretty much know everything.  This epiphany just hits you at some point.  Maybe deep down they knew sightseeing would be good for you.  Maybe they just wanted you to stop for a second and reflect.

Who came up with the Observation Deck anyway?  A big deck for observing – woo woo.  I had the pleasure of standing on top of the World Trade Center 3 weeks before 9/11 – an incredible 360 degree view of Manhattan and one I am so glad my mind’s eye captured.  Standing there – taking it all in.  What a view. 

How about we go to the observation deck overlooking your life?  What do you see?  Can you even look over THERE?  Can you hear anything?  Words you would take back.  Words you should have tasted first.  Strained familial relationships and relationships you knew weren’t right.  Bosses that you just didn’t click with and employees you should have given another chance to or even fired.  All that muckity-muck.  What a sight. Good stuff too – awards, milestones, wins, cherished memories.  Don’t ever forget the good stuff.

A periodic trip to the very edge of the Observation Deck is cathartic and vision producing.  Look – you need to take an occasional breath in a world that is gasping from all the mindless activity.  A chance to take inventory on your own WTF retreat.  A chance for you to give yourself the advice you would give to others or maybe you even bring a friend along.  What do you do up on the deck with all your STUFF, your baggage?  That’s not the point – the point is you need the perspective on your life.  Regardless of the muck level, it really should look better now from the observation deck.  My how small even the Statue of Liberty looked from the top of the WTC.

Own the new found perspective.  You have to own it.  As I counsel the unemployed job seeker – this is a must – you have to bring grounded perspective to the game – hiring managers want to know what you have learned from your previous positions, your season of umemployment, your wilderness experience, and your success.  Many of you are hyping your involvement in a philanthropic organization that no longer exists and trying to revel in accomplishments that were like Beatles era. 

Perspective from the Past, Clarity for the future, Intentionality for the now – all done with boldness and a sense of urgency.  Imagine that along with me from The Grounded Edge.

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