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Criminal Minds

30 Jul

I continue to search for inspiration in today's marketplace like rural America's finest search for ways to buy pseudoephedrine, the key ingredient to meth, in bulk.  I realize your standard meth lab owner always look 20 years older then they are but they seem to be some of the most enterprising folks society offers.  Trade offs.

July and August have proven to be two of the worst months for crime in the Indianapolis area and probably in your city as well.  Studies have shown a correlation between rising temperatures and crime.  I realize you probably speed and occasionally do a little jaywalking but it has probably been forever since you thought about knocking off your corner convenience store.  As far inspiration though, these people have to be real thinkers with natural born entrepreneurial skills.  Clearly we need to reform these folk and throw them into the cubicle next to you because they know life and death situations and that is what many of you are dealing with today.   

In the midst of their personal uncertainties, the criminal work/life balance is skewed in favor of the life, albeit a low one.  High stress level in the 3 minutes it takes for your average bank heist but offset that with a day off after you ditch the getaway car – they can do some drugs, listen for sirens, watch a little Springer.  You need more flexibility, don't you?

We wait until the end of first quarter of the following year as compensation comes up with the magic formula to determine our bonus.  Their bonus program is clear.  Like you, they may not know what they are going to make but, in all candor, it is theirs for the taking.  They control what they make by controlling what they take.  Envy that comp plan, will ya now?

Bottom line is these folks scheme and plot, think on the fly, have a system, get it done.  Don't get caught.  Repeat.  C'mon now, you and I both know it takes a different skill set to hit a McDonald's than it does to pull off a carjacking.  Both require serious planning to complete though.

You need to bring that type of thinking power to work.  Never have I seen a time where the market seemed to be suffering an idea drought like now.  How about a correlation between rising temps and ideas?  Your ideas are the pseudoephedrine for your meth lab..I  Wherever you find it – find the inspiration to get you thinking.  Share your thinking.  Think.  Do.

Now to me, besides the criminal element – my community on twitter, which does include some surly folk, has been a major source of positive vibe in 2009 - quite simply it is nice when peers you respect seem to be flailing as well.  Yet, it is also great to be able to share wins, have perspective adjustment at your fingertips, hone your discernment skills as you separate the recruiters from the search consultants and develop a general sense of inner peace when you realize – I may not be the best but I am a long way from THAT guy.  Don't be afraid to throw your ideas out there and see what YOU can get away with. (just like I just did ending this blog entry with a preposition.  daring.) 

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