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Future Empathy

4 Jun

Technology.  Social Media.  Change and more change.  As a small business guy, it is almost like watching the Indianapolis 500 on a daily basis.  You are watching a car, you follow it thru the turn, you look back and you miss the next one.  But you did hear the sound and see the blur.  I hear about alot and – it is a little blurry.  It can be overwhelming and distracting and tough to manage sometimes. 

Do you ever read someone's opinion about the latest this and that that is going to take over and make this thing obsolete?  You're thinking, "Wow, I hope not yet" - but at the same time succumbing to the pressure of get in now or you are screwed?  I think I felt this way reading something about resumes being obsolete.  They are done, it's over – you won't need one.  Well, I don't know about that but I tell you something that is over.

The whole job hopper label and gaps in employment are falling under the "is what it is" label.  Not sure anyone in the future is really going to care that much.  It is simple.  If so many good people are in the market(allegedly) right now then – wow – a lot of future empathy for the out of work guy and gal is being developed.  Future Managers with Future Empathy.  A whole new generation of compassionate capitalists unleashed on the marketplace.  The hiring manager's desk is being converted from an altar where I pray for forgiveness because I had a temp job for 3 months to a big comfy couch in a pottery barn setting where I can explain this season of my life.  Is your boss from the future?

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