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What To Do When You Can’t Reach Your Recruiter

8 May

Any recruiter that is a recruiter should be able to be reached at any time.  If you have to leave a voicemail, they should call you back quickly.  That is how we roll.  So you have a sense of urgency?  You should be a recruiter.  If you don't hear from them in a timely fashion, good chance they have expired, are in the wrong profession, or apparently may have moved on.

I heard a stat this week.  Sobering stat but a stat.  The stat is that the recruiting industry is down 37% since the beginning of the year.  Wow.  The prediction is that we will be down 50% this year.  Really wow.

Sobering news.  Crazy talk.  Well, we typically lose 16-22% so really we are just talking a doubling of the average, right?  Thanks, Jeff Skrentny for sharing this point with me.  He is a good dude.

The point here is that when you discover your recruiter is gone – please call Andy at 317.585.0463.

Because as those two young ladies sang - couldn't tell you their names, wouldn't if I could recall -  as they so poorly sang at my first wedding yet sounded good at the rehearsal - the words of that song ring true today – I Will Be Here.  So to steal from the song – tomorrow morning if you wakeup and the future is unclear – I will be here.  When you need to speak your mind – I will listen – And I will be here.

The line about to watch you grow in beauty does not apply here.  However, let me close with a paraphrase – just as sure as seasons are made for change – who will you turn to to discuss your career?  Well, I will be here.  I will be here.  I will be here.  Did I mention..wait I did.  Let's talk soon.


Let’s Get This Candidate In For A Pageant – Part 1

2 May

Given that I am Thought Leadership for you people, time to lead with some thoughts.  The recent Miss USA pageant was wrought with controversy and I think we can learn something hear to revolutionize the hiring process.  More on the controversy surrounding later.  Let's highlight a few lessons.

I like the fixed time frame of a pageant.  When you tune in everyone knows, by the end of the evening we will know who the next Miss USA will be.  It is a closed-ended process.  At the end of the night, Donald Trump is not getting out of his seat and saying, "I am sorry folks we are still looking for Miss USA."  What way do you approach your hiring process?  Hiring Manager – do you show up for the interview anticipating hiring someone?  ready to crown your new CFO – Miss CFO of the company?  Do you expect to like someone?  Are you in the mood to establish chemistry?  Are you ready to sell the opportunity on why people want to work at your place, on your team? 

Candidates – do you have Vaseline on your teeth and other pageant tricks - ok – maybe a breath check?  the right tie?  How is your presence you as you walk across the stage of questioning?  Are you serious or are you just really hoping to get Miss Congeniality or as some would call this – interview practice.  I cringe when I hear this.  C'mon.  If so, stay home and you won't have to be all nervous and anxious if you get to the talent competition.

Some of you on both sides of the interview equation are coming to the party far too concerned about the process, concerned with getting practice.  Let's enjoy the pageant and refocus on the prize – a new gig and someone who complements the team.  Congratulations.

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