“Not a lot of warmth there.”

25 Nov

,said the hiring manager.  I loved that quote in a recent discussion with one of my clients.  He was forthright in debriefing the interview and what it served to tell me and YOU is that your people skills matter.  Warmth?  Really.  That know thyself thing really does come into play. 

This candidate had reasons for being that way – I was unaware this person already had an offer.  They could not project warmth for their heart already belonged to another.  Warmth or Fake warmth – go find it.  People skills have to be considered as an additional step in recession proofing your career.  In desperate times, let’s face it – aholes, complainers, grumblers, half ass contributors are REALLY on the radar.  The perception of your people skills, your ability to control yourself, your tongue, your whatever may be at the tipping point of determining your fate and if for Christmas a new gig will be at the top of your wishlist. 

I am now calling for CE courses in people skills and work relationships.  I think you can look for these courses very soon from the CGP Institute –

Genuineness and Fake Sincerity – pick one.

2 part course – How to Bitch Less and – Moving to Contributor from Consumer at the office.

Are you aware of your annoying voice?

Co-worker awareness of ice crunching and finger nail clipping in your cubicle.

Voice mail greetings during your jobsearch that don’t include your kids voices.

Work travel and ordering meals that you would order if you were paying for it.

Are you “talk loud in public on your mobile phone guy”? 

Controlling your spouse and significant others at various work functions.

Your Blackberry is not a human being. 

Men only:  Wait until after the meeting to adjust yourself.

You can overcome listening to your voice mails on speaker phone.

BONUS Advanced Courses – Showing Gratitude, How to Say the Actual Words – “I am SORRY and I was Wrong” and “I AM STARTING WITH THE JACKASS IN THE MIRROR.” 

These courses have been devloped through careful listening to the needs of my clients.  Please feel free to request others based upon your particular work environment in feedback below.

People skills will and still matter.  Happy Thanksgiving!  Let’s eat.


One Response to ““Not a lot of warmth there.””

  1. Daniel May 7, 2012 at 1:04 PM #

    LOL my conscience is pricked by the applicability of several of these courses to myself (though I’d like one on culturally appropriate verbiage–I still don’t seem to get the considerable importance of context in the way I speak…and write) and also in others. …a bit reassuring to know that I’m not the only one who found that guy’s voice annoying. ..and the ‘men only’ one—I figured that was something that was supposed to be pruned off in high school…

    Thanks for the thoughts

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