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What to write about…

28 May

You know the whole blog thing can get me down.   It’s out here – a blank canvas and I feel it calling my name today – I just don’t feel like writing.  Which leads me to – I don’t know – why am I typing this right now?  Not really sure – how about just feeling like making something productive out of my chosen break time.

I think it is a good time to think about the things and people I am thankful for in my professional life – that’s a positive.

My client base – you are the best.  I am not going to name names because you know who you are…and when I talk clients – I am talking about people not companies, hiring managers, individuals with lives and families.  Thanks for your candor, your transparency, for not treating me like a vendor, for letting me say what is on my mind kind of like a senior citizen who doesn’t care about what you think at this stage in their life, like occasional road rage transferred into the form of a professional service.

My candidates – good people looking for better opps for their themselves and their families, thanks for sharing your story, for being open to discussion, for helping me understand your situation and where you are right now in your worklife and life.

My advisors and peers

CJ McClanahan – you are the man – you always ask me if I am the man – and I am – but you are.

Traci Poole – a fellow NPAer who I always enjoy talking with and bitching to…I mean…discussing recruiting issues with.

Flexibility – I love you – you are outstanding.

Taxes – I hate you and you are not outstanding.

Jeff Skrentny for helping get my 2008 off to a tremendous start.  Your mentoring has brought renewed focus to this great business.

Vickie Siebenmorgen – another fellow NPAer that is my kind of people – thanks for letting me bounce ideas off of you.

Chris Ederer – another NPA guy who does not waste time and cuts through the muck from his rural Wisconsin estate.

Jodee Curtis – I always appreciate your transparency and I will make it a great day – today.

Steve Magruder – thanks for all the accounting work – glad you have those skills I don’t.

Doug Byrum – a great attorney who I rarely speak with and hope to keep it that way.  No offense.  Thanks for leaving your lofty law firm and high hourly rates to come down and work with guys like me.

I am blessed to have so many good people in my life – people I can trust and people I respect.  What about you?  Who and what are you are grateful for in your professional life?  Go reflect and then get back to work – it’s Wednesday and it is a short week.  Go figure out if the trash guy comes tomorrow or the next day because of it. 


What We Have Learned From Obama

6 May

It’s Election Day in Indiana and North Carolina.  Regardless of your political affiliation, the interest in the 2008 presidential election has been an incredible thing to watch.  Primaries matter, states that have never factored in to the nominee selection process before are now relevant – Indiana could be the decisive blow to Hillary or Barack to step aside so the other can rally their party.  It is just going to get uglier – you know it is.  That said, Obama has become quite the rock star.  He is packing the house pretty much everywhere he goes.  So, at this point…

What have we learned from Senator Obama and how does this apply to your worklife and career?

You need a life strategy

Often poked fun of with politicians is that they have somehow been running for president their entire life – they were making calculated decisions in grade school that were all focused toward the goal of the presidency.  The point is we do need to have more hinge moments than we do – time to reflect on where we have been but mainly focus on where we are going.  Far too many spend too much time mired in our past transgressions, missteps, broken roads – the past – when we should really be focus on the future – what we want that to look like – personally and professionally – and how we can get there. 

You need more inspiration in your life

Obama’s speeches are moving and sound really good – he tugs at heart strings, he makes people believe in themselves, in America – might I suggest you not look to politicians for your inspiration.  Reflect more, focus on what you have – not what you don’t have. Journal regularly and note what you are grateful for an what you learned that day, go volunteer and give of your time, READ something beneficial, listen to a book on CD on your way to the office and for God’s sake don’t watch the news.

I would also suggest it would not hurt for you to do the inspiring once in awhile.  Everyone wants a positive place to work, right?  Are you doing your part for a positive office? 

You need to listen at church

Clearly, Obama gets this and has learned he probably didn’t agree with the doctrine his pastor was serving up.  Certainly as loud as the Reverend Wright spoke, he would have heard him had he been there – allegedly.  Can I get a witness up in here?  I liked Fox News coining of the phrase – the Pastor Disaster.  I think the other main reason you need to listen at church is that "Faith comes from hearing…"

You need to lose some negative people in your life

How huge is this one for Obama?  and it is true for all of us.  Tough to swallow when it is your Pastor you have to throw under the bus.  I think we saw Obama truly disappointed in his friend here not just some political posturing.  Who do you need to denounce and move on?  I am not suggesting you hold a press conference – just quietly move on from these people.  Divorced people know this firsthand – their life roads are paved with former alleged friends who were really just friends to a couple not 2 individuals – so they cut ties and ignore these people when they see them at Home Depot and move on – NEXT.

I had a former mentor who went as far as to say you were either positive or negative – there was no neutral – neutral was negative.  Ponder that one.  Your co-workers, boss, subordinates are either for you or against you.  Maybe, probably.  My experience with that former mentor – he is certainly not for me.  Credit to him though, when I left that place I knew that is how it would be – which caused that decision to require serious consideration.  Thanks, Former Mentor.

You need to watch your mouth

Did Obama forget everything he says is being recorded?  Would he give anything to have those comments about the folks in rural Pennsylvania – how they cling to God and guns – you know the one?  I bet he would like those back. 

The point here is that what your Mom taught you is true.  If you think it is time to leave where you are, don’t tell anyone you work with – don’t do it.  Here is why – THEY CAN’T HANDLE IT.  Leave it at that.  More on this in a future blog.

The Change always requires the Do

Some of you need to stop talking about it and start doing something.  If Obama gets the job, he will learn that in short order I am thinkin’.  The good news is – You have far more control over your situation than Obama will ever have over that government thing.  So stop talking about change and do something about it.  Have a conversation you need to have.  Put your resume together.  Fire someone that needs to be shown their new career path.  Change – Do.  Thanks, Obama.   

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