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The Internal Reference

16 Apr

The Internal Reference – you know someone at the company you are about to interview with this week.  Do you call them and let them know you are interviewing or not?  Do you mention to the interviewer that you know someone at the company or not?   How are they perceived in the organization – do you know?  Might it be a not so good thing to know this individual?  I think these are good questions and are worth pondering.

But first, last week – I was in Nashville for a few days at an NPA annual meeting – a great time with my fellow independent recruiters.  The best part of these events is the networking time (time spent in bars talking about various situations we encounter with our hiring managers and candidates) – this particular evening the discussion amongst the 4 of us went to the political arena – and the question was raised does Bill really want Hillary to win?  Hmmmm…..nice.


(Can we get a good caption considering the topic of this entry?)

Does he want to be the first First Man, First Gentleman?  Really.  The consensus in the group I was with was No.  His words would certainly speak to this not to mention his ego – geez.. and his legacy.  This would not be your typical internal reference but I think you get the idea – maybe. 

Conventional wisdom would be that he owes her (ya think?), he should be her biggest fan, at one time he was the face of the democratic party, he has invaluable insight, all that.

OK – back to you – you might think the same of your former co-worker/ former colleague/current neighbor, why wouldn’t they recommend me?  I am not sure they wouldn’t but don’t be so sure they will.  I don’t think most people like this accountability.  The hiring manager asks this person about you.  They give some canned answer but they typically leave themselves an out.  Why?  IN CASE – IT DOESN’T WORK OUT.  They hedge and they bear no responsibility.  Once again, the hiring manager is left to his own inference and logs it away somewhere in his dome.

Just as Bill curiously brings up Sniper Gate when it has fallen off the front page of the Decision ’08 machine – your former colleague, co-worker, fellow church member, soccer mom, whatever – says something positive but is highly capable of subtle comments that can taint your chances.  This has very little to do with you and everything to do with them.  In other words – their ass is more important than your career.  Quite frankly, this is a main reason companies have poor results with their referral bonus program.

I am tempted to offer an exhaustive list or tips on how to handle but I am going to leave that to you.  Just think about this one and take the action you think best.

You know someone at the company you are interviewing with but do you know what they will say about you?  Do they want you to get that job?  Would they be a help or a hindrance?  Go find out – somehow.  Do something. 

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