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March Madness

18 Mar

Pretty much my favorite time of year.  Hoops Galore!  ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, and on and on.  Invariably as you are watching the highlights of your favorite team, you always get the post-game interview where a common quote is uttered by a student(allegedly) athlete as they make their point and say, "Ya know what I’m sayin’."  I mean, you know what I’m sayin’, right?  I’m just sayin’, ya know.

Sure I know what you are sayin’.  I think you are sayin’ you are looking forward to your NBA career where you will get paid for playin’.  I feel ya, Bro.  As I contemplate this, I flashback to my early days in recruiting when a former mentor of mine would say – You are responsible for their interpretation.  Regardless of the encounter, we are responsible for the interpretation of what we say or – are sayin’.

This is so true in any encounter dealing with your spouse, significant other, kids, boss, co-worker who ever it it is – but let’s just focus on the interview in this blog.

Think about the interview – it really is one of the strangest encounters in life.  I mean, ya know what I’m sayin’.?  Let’s get together, decline the beverage they ask if you want and always wish you would have accepted, have a brief meaningful conversation, look each other up and down, tell me about yourself, answer some behavioral based questions (you hate those – "tell me about a time when…"), in 3 to 5 minutes decide if we like one another, spend another 27 – 57 minutes more with one another, ask a few more questions, take a tour of the office environment to see if the others look normal and like your kind of people, take a card, ask a question or 3, grab a handshake and leave.   Seriously, how we do this?

Anyway, back to communication.  Maybe it is not quite like depicted in the previous paragraph but …sure it is.  OK.  So during this meaningful conversation – as the interviewee you have to make sure the interviewer understands your position.  Did they really understand what you just said about why you want to leave your company?  Did they?  Watch them – are they on the same page?  You have to check-in with the interviewer – what I am proposing is that you say "Ya know what I’m sayin’" without saying, "Ya Know what I’m sayin’."

I want you to check-in and confirm they got it.  You know if they got it, right?  You know – they smile, they nod a little, they have that mini-sigh thing going on that indicates their time is not being wasted – as if to say finally a viable candidate has arrived in their presence, better yet they are simply engaged in active listening and are following along.  It’s that moment when an interview seems more like a conversation between professionals than a first date gone awry.  In March Madness terms per CBS, we are talking about the One Shining Moment of the interview.

Check in, confirm they got your point – Ya know what i’m sayin?!  For more on Ya Know What I’m Sayin – please go to the Urban Dictionary.

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