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24 Hour Recruiting Care

16 Jan

The first blog of 2008 and I have to say inspiration finally struck.  I have several entries roaming around in my head but this one has escaped.  I was so tempted to do a best of 2007 recap with some highlights of stuff – like a greatest hits of interviewing but I wasn’t feelin’ it. 

The NFL playoffs hit and the Colts were 1 and done – I am almost over my playoff loss hangover so I was delayed until today – however – here it is a service I am thinking about offering this year – 24 Hour Recruiting Care.

Last Friday morning, I am watching Fox News Channel and the story is on Britney Spears.  Before you start the eye rolling – is there any more tragic combo than an idiot with cash?  The NBA, Rappers, Pop Tarts that are so important we know them by their first name.  Crazy world. 

So back to the new concept of 24 Hour Recruiting Care.  I didn’t create it – I stole it from this Fox News Story on Britney.  The interview is with Stacy Schneider – an attorney who evidently has the solution for Britney Spears and all her drama – 24 Hour Legal Care.  At first, I was like sure that would solve her problems.  We all need that.  She goes on to say she wants Brit to contact her and that she is offering to live with her and provide 24 Hour Legal Care.   I think – wait this could work and I could repackage as 24 Hour Recruiting Care with many of the folks I encounter – but what would I offer with this.

The whole amenity package would look something like this (based on the quality feedback I have gotten from my clients – many of these are inspired from actual events) –

Module 1 – Nightly Verbal beatings until your resume is done.

Module 2 – Wardrobe review and an introduction to the world of dry cleaning.

Module 3 – Hobbies not to discuss on an interview – starting with Internet gambling.

Module 4 – How to tell your spouse your job really sucks and that you are interviewing.

Module 5 – How to tell your recruiter what he wants to know – what you are not telling him.

Module 6 – Tattoo and piercing cover-up.

Module 7 – Temporary dismantling of your My Space or Facebook page during interview phase.

Module 8 – Urgency and how to use a work phone, home phone or mobile device to call your recruiter back.

Module 9 – Voice mail greeting review and email names not to send your resume from.

Module 10 – Removing the evidence of bitterness and defensiveness from your vocal tone – avoiding words like hate and pissed when referring to your former employers.

Module 11 – How to blame yourself occasionally.

Module 12 – How to avoid complaining about a Japanese work environment when you are interviewing in another Japanese work environment.

Module 13 – Eliminating odd verbal stuff – like saying "OK?" demonstratively after making a point or using phrases like "Look, here is how we are going to do this."

And Much More…

Never has there been a greater need for a program like this.  I know – I got the feedback.

24 Hour Recruiting Care – I think I am on to something – I think it is just around the corner.  I will keep you posted.

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