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THE I Need To Do My Resume Solution

20 Nov

Andy, I need to update my resume over the weekend.  Right.  If by I will get that resume to you on Monday – you mean a Monday this year –  then great.  I know it is so hard for you people to get it done.  What a pain the a – and it falls in the category of "Thinking about is worse than doing it" but nevertheless it is tough to get the resume done, updated all that.

My quick solution for you is Pongo Resume.  Check it out now – solid, useful website designed by some good folks.   

Create your resume online for free.  In addition, they will help you distribute it – there is a fee for this service but it is ridiculously reasonable and they do all the tracking.  I think the best thing is you will always know where your resume is and you can create infinite versions.

Let me know how this works for you.


I Accept – But Does That Mean I Have To Leave My Current Employer?

19 Nov

A former candidate of mine called me the other day – she is now a recruiter.  Welcome to the dark side!  She sends me a follow-up email and asks me to blog about this – her words – "I’ve had candidates accept offers then back out prior to actually starting.  We try to do everything humanly possible to ensure this doesn’t happen but sometimes it is not enough."  She asked me to elaborate on what I do.

Well, imagine that – someone accepts and then backs out.  This is something I have no experience with – as it has never happened.  Unfortunately, we have all had this happen.  I have stories that still piss me off.  Was I pissed that I lost a deal?   Sure.  But I was pissed that the individual lied to me and did not take a job they should have.  Enough with the emotion.  This is a tough topic but as tempted as I was to avoid this topic publicly I am going to embrace this request and share with you what I do to avoid and try to incorporate this into something edifying.

#1 – The candidate has to have a reason to leave or they will probably end up staying.  Why would you leave?  What would you change?  As recruiters, we need facts not speculation.  We need tangible information so we can help you locate what you are looking for in a new gig.  FACTS.

#2 – You have to have rapport to get these facts.  I likey, I talkey.

#3 – When someone wants to leave – they will give you the facts.  They will tell you all the stuff.  All the information.  Think about the candidates that you have placed and enjoyed talking with.  They were pretty damn transparent.  Transparent – good.

#4 – What they are looking for typically corresponds with why they would leave.  In other words, if they want a future – why can’t they have that where they are?  why won’t that happen in their current situation?

#5 – Determine the candidate’s attitude on counter-offers.  Are they open to one?  What has happened to others that have resigned?  If they are open to one, does it make sense that they would stay after examining the facts on why they would leave?  or do you need to re-visit this topic?

#6 –  Realize and remember people run FROM jobs not TO them – most of the time.

#7 – and as harsh as it is – Some are going to lie to you.  Some are not going to tell the truth unless you ask them specifically.  I think people like to live vicariously through the recruiter – opportunity knocks and I have to answer or at least let them hang out on my porch for awhile and then later tell them to get the hell off my property via email. 

Hope this helps. 

So I guess, it comes down to two reasons why people accept and then change their mind – counteroffers and lies..I mean… facts you did not have for whatever reason.  Let’s be honest (hey, great idea!) – Memo to candidates – half truths are lies – not facts – in any forum. 

Diversity In Practice – A Simple-Minded Solution

15 Nov

A supplement in a recent Indianapolis Business Journal was entitled Diversity In Practice – Building A Culture of Inclusion.  I have always enjoyed this topic as I believe most time devoted to these efforts are ALL about the external practice, the company policy, hollow in nature and to truly impact the workplace the FOCUS needs to be more about the internal, hidden prejudices of man and what is in – the heart.

In other words, diversity initiatives are just another corporate program if the hearts of the employees aren’t in it.  Diversity in a workplace is about intentionality externally but their has to be an internal component – HAS TO BE.  It is about the love of your fellow man – all of them.  How can we expect people to implement these programs externally if their hearts are filled with contempt?

I am not really sure how I arrived at this topic but let me continue with this sermon.  Can I get a witness, please.  I guess my thoughts focus on love – or at a minimum – like – in the workplace.  How do you get that?  Well, that’s our policy here.  Sure.  I think you get that by REALLY examining your own heart and by intentionally getting to know those around you – someone that is different from you – and by the way – isn’t everyone different from you?  Meditation on the hidden and – uncomfortable, perhaps at first, in what is seen. 

I think what I am arriving at here is that the company’s diversity policy really does not matter.  It is your personal diversity policy that matters.  Everyone has a personal diversity policy – perhaps you need to take a look at yours in your own personal retreat or roundtable.

One more validation.  In this supplement, one of the ads has the text – “Our differences help us find a common language” – well no they don’t.  Our caring to understand what the differences are, getting to know one another, taking the time with one another help us find what should really be a part of the workplace.  Caring for co-workers?  Love of fellow man?  Huh?  Did I just write this stuff?  I think I did. 

This diversity thing really is not hard unless your heart is.  Change your heart, change your workplace.

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