Memo To The Cynical Hiring Manager

4 Oct

"Well, Andy – I realize they could probably do the job and the resume does look good but my only concern is.."  I love the phrase – "my only concern is" – I LOVE IT.  Has any phrase ever shouted more clearly – here comes some negativity? – got pessimism?  I know they have 19 things going for them but can we focus on why they suck for a minute?

I realize the candidate walks on water but there is always a chance he could freaking drowned after our orientation.  He could lose faith if I hire him.  I know he has had a success pattern but it could all end if we make him an offer.  His accomplishments look good but that could all come crashing down when he breaks the plane of this door.

My only concern is that you understand when you CAN say my only concern.  I think we take a pretty good order around here at CGP – understand what you really want in an ideal fit, understand the culture, understand the specs and then go recruit.

When we go recruit we are looking for the best people for the given opportunity.  You don’t see this activity but I can assure it is just that – an activity – that includes a lot of phone calls, alot of time, alot of interviewing.  That is our job.  You don’t see the candidates that don’t fit – you don’t have to talk with them.  They did not waste your time.

What you will see is the fruits of our labor.  You will see candidates that fit, that are qualified and most of all realistic to the market.  So… here comes the resume to your attention – qualified folks at the click of your mouse.  Now – you can get busy thinking how to fill in the blank after you utter my only concern is….Please don’t.  We have already eliminated those we had and knew you would have concerns about.

The solution is simple – trust us and let us do our job.  Tell us your CONCERNS in advance and you will not see these candidates.  If they get to you – we think you should see them – bring them in – interview them – they are at least worthy of a phone interview.  We have screened them – we have listened to them with discerning ears and selected only the ones that we think will not evoke your concern but will cause you to open up your planner tool of choice to see when you can see them.  We don’t send people we hope you will see – we send people you should.

This entry was not prompted by one lousy hiring manager – it was prompted by reflection of pessimistic hiring managers over the years and phrases that make me cringe in my role as recruiter.  Our job really is not that difficult but it does require will and desire when we are direct sourcing for your next employee.  Understand where we are coming from and know that the candidates you get from us are qualified and requalified – they come from hardwork not some big drawer overflowing with qualified resumes.

Are we going to miss something occasionally?  Sure.  Just let us know the answer to why this candidate does not fit – chances are it is someting we missed when taking the order or did not discuss with you.

Our only concern is you don’t realize the effort that goes in to a search.  Our only concern is you waste your time interviewing people that are scouring the ads.  Our only concern is you are interviewing people who just want a counteroffer.  Our only concern is that you are interviewing unrealistic candidates who are wasting your valuable time.

If you are prone to mix in a "My only concern is…" – wait until you have at least talked with them and VALIDATE your concerns.  Your only real concern should be can we attract and retain talented candidates and do people want to work for me and this organization.   


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