I Have No Doubt You Can Generate Resumes On Your Own

8 Aug

The key word in the title of this post is resumes.  Hiring Manager you can generate them on your own.  Go ahead – post that job on the job board of your choice – fire up that ad – and watch your Inbox light up.  Wow – what a response.

I think I received the best compliment a recruiter can receive this week.  I was having coffee with a candidate of mine at the local Starbuck’s.  She had completed a phone interview with a hiring manager I had made several placements with over the years.  The candidate shared with me that the hiring manager "sure thinks a lot of you."  As yours would – my ears perked up and of course, I had to ask why she said that.  She said, "because she said you understand what they want."

Sure – that made me feel good – very good.  Here is the point we are getting to –

Resumes are not pre-qualified candidates.  Resumes are pieces of paper.  Recruiting is not resume processing.  Recruiting should be a proactive not reactive.  I am fairly sure my head may pop off the next time I hear we have it "posted on crapresumes.com" as if they are doing something to fill the position – the kid that stops by your house selling candy bars is doing more than you.

When recruiters accept an assignment – they are surveying the market for the best candidates.  The best candidates are not applying.  The best candidates want to be recruited.   They want calls from recruiters.  HR is capable of making these calls but they don’t want to.  Why?  It’s difficult, time consuming, and they have no incentive.  Most HR people I value have always shared with me they cannot stand recruiting – unfortunately that dislike extends to recruiters.

So let’s examine this – we have a hiring manager looking for the right fit, we have the hiring manager relying on HR to bring qualified candidates, HR having a job description with generic specs, a job board or whatever non-human medium HR utilizes to hopefully generate candidates, an HR representative doing some phone screen to determine something from the best applicants and no real assurance we have the best candidates but my did we generate a freaking load of resumes.  Woo!

One thing I failed to mention in the above paragraph is we also have an HR department, in so many cases, that does not really care about the pain of the hiring manager and the burden a key vacancy can create on the department’s already spread thin resources.  They don’t really understand it.  Quite harsh on the HR bashing but let me support that by saying why –

1) I hear countless complaints from hiring managers about HR not delivering quality applicants.

2) HR has no incentive to fill these job openings.

3) Applicant Tracking Systems don’t update themselves – someone needs to get on the phone.

4) HR is burdened with other things to manage.

I know I have made 87 points in this post and am having trouble wrapping this all up but I shall try.

Recruiting has to involve a discerning human.  Recruiting is a matter of will and desire and incentive impacts the will to hunt and the desire to find the selective, better qualified candidate.  HR is way too in to the process and not the placement – they are in to the requirements not the recruiting of talent. 

Let HR work on benefits, employee relations, community relations, union stuff, union avoidance, overhauling of job descriptions, orientation, procedure manuals, training and what they do best and leave the recruiting to the people that enjoy it.  Let recruiters be your human resources.



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